14th June 2021 The Association of Apprentices is proud to be supporting the #PrideInApprenticeships campaign spearheaded by The BAME Apprentice Network to promote equality across the sector including learners and those working in FE. Various events are held during this special month, as a way of recognising the influence LGBT people have had around the world. As part of the campaign the BAME Apprentice Network will be sharing various content pieces to support employers and apprentices with gaining a better understand of Pride, starting with “Simple Guide to Pride”. We will be partnering with the Network to run a special webinar to educate employers on how they can support people who identify as LGBTQ, whether it be towards the language we use, or cultural sensitivity, we aim to empower all employers to make a difference. The aim is to break down the barriers and provide a platform for open discussion which we hope will create change in the sector and wider society. More than a third of LGBTQ people have stated that they hide their sexuality at work meaning more needs to be done to make people feel comfortable about who they in the workplace. It is also reported that approximately 20% of LGBTQ people have experienced discrimination in the workplace or when applying for a job. Within the BAME LGBTQ local communities specifically, over 50% of people experienced discrimination or poor treatment from others because of their ethnicity. This shows the need for a wider understanding of LGBTQ issues across different cultures and backgrounds and that a one size fits all approach can be counterproductive. We know education is the most powerful tool for making a difference and hope that by sharing a wide variety of perspectives and experiences we can reach the hearts and minds of individuals to think differently and be more understanding. The #PrideInApprenticeships campaign will feature many stories from various apprentices of different backgrounds who will be sharing their LGBTQ Journey. Get Involved and reach out to your LGBTQ community and encourage them to share their stories by clicking on the link below: http://bit.ly/PrideInApprenticeships All stories will be featured on the www.BAMEApprenticeNetwork.com website as well as across social media and our partner’s platforms.

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