There is a lot of information available on the website. Due to Coronavirus, all of the local jobcentres are currently closed and so you will not be able to speak to anyone face to face.

You’ll need to apply online, after which you should then receive a telephone call to discuss your individual circumstances. Understandably, the service is currently experiencing extremely high demand and you may be placed in a queue.
If you’re made redundant, please speak to your training provider as your apprenticeship training may be able to continue. Your training provider may still be able to offer training in the short term (based on your circumstances). And they may be able to support you in finding a new employer. Please see the latest government guidance for further advice.
You may be able to complete your apprenticeship without being employed and with support from your training provider. This depends on how far away you are from completing your apprenticeship.

It is vital you speak to your training provider about your options as soon as possible - they are in the best position to advise you.
“Redundancy” means a reduced requirement for someone doing your role in the business. In this instance it will probably be because your employer needs to cut costs very quickly during this present crisis. If approached, you could offer to be furloughed to see if that is an alternative. Being eligible for redundancy pay only applies if you’ve been with your employer two years or more. Otherwise, you’re only entitled to be paid for your contractual notice period – this is set out in your contract of employment. Redundancy is never a good experience; please remember this is about your role and has nothing to do with you or your performance. You can visit the ACAS website for more information.
If the move to a different role is only for a short period of time and you’re able to go back to your apprenticeship within 4 weeks, then there is no reason why you can’t continue with your apprenticeship and your end-point assessment as planned. If, however, the switch lasts longer than 4 weeks (but you’ll return to your original role as soon as possible) then a “break in learning” may be an option. Please follow the advice in the ‘break in learning’ section above. If the move to a new role is permanent, then you will need to speak with your training provider to discuss your options - transferring to a better suited alternative apprenticeship either within the company or by moving to a different company.