7 Tips to Progress within your Apprenticeship

Jasmine King

We all know that apprenticeships are a great option to earn whilst you learn and develop your skills further. Apprentices can progress further in their apprenticeship journey by considering these 7 tips, helping them to reach their full potential.

1) The Power of Social Media

A great starting place to progress in your apprenticeship is through social media. It is such a powerful platform that you can use to your advantage. I would recommend apprentices set up a LinkedIn account and Twitter account; these are both great places to start sharing your journey. Begin by following your colleagues, other apprentices, and hashtags that you are interested in. There are also many inspirational accounts out there to follow for content on apprenticeships and career progression. This is a great way to receive information, tips and meet other apprentices.  

Through being engaged and sharing the passion they have for apprenticeships, you will be invited to join new, exciting opportunities. These could be through case studies, podcasts, presentations and many more. Some opportunities may present themselves to apprentices, but there is nothing wrong with finding them yourself! If there is a page, podcast, or organisation that you feel passionate about, message them and ask if there are any opportunities to get involved. It is important to take control of these opportunities and make your apprenticeship experience the best it can be.

2) The Importance of Networking

Networking is another powerful tool. Networking can help you to raise their profile, broaden and deepen their knowledge, and build confidence. It’s crucial to dedicate time for networking internally and externally. When networking internally, ask colleagues about the journey into their role, what they enjoy most about their role and any tips they can provide you. This will help you to build new, strong connections! External networking is just as important and can potentially lead to new job opportunities. Organisations such as the Association of Apprentices will allow apprentices to network with others and share their experiences. Providing guidance and support to other apprentices is rewarding and makes a significant difference to other’s experiences.  

3) Having a Positive Attitude and Seeking New Opportunities

Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial to progressing in your apprenticeship and will always shine through. This can seem difficult with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic; however, positivity will always path the way for new exciting opportunities and help to progress your apprenticeship. Through having a positive mindset, apprentices will be more open and willing for new opportunities outside their comfort zone.

4) The Importance of Asking Questions

Using your own voice is a great way to progress within your apprenticeship. Through asking questions, apprentices will expand their knowledge and experience. Many people may feel uncomfortable to ask questions, however, it shows confidence and engagement in the task at hand. It is an important skill to have and allows you to generate better solutions to problems. The ability to ask questions is also a strong skill to have for future leadership roles and prevents people from rushing to find the answer or solution. 

5) Ways to Monitor Your Progress

Throughout an apprenticeship, you will progress further than you predicted. Apprentices learn and develop new skills, build their confidence, and try new experiences. These are all great benefits of an apprenticeship and deserves to be recorded. I recommend documenting your successes, achievements, and learning experiences. This will be a useful document for reflecting on your progression and identifying experiences where you met your apprenticeship standards. It will also be beneficial for future job applications and writing your CV. You can expand this document by asking for impact statements and quotes from key stakeholders involved in your experiences. By the end of your apprenticeship, you will have a strong document on your progress that highlights how far you have developed!

6) The Benefits of Effective Time Management

Apprenticeships combine studying with working, this requires effective time management skills to ensure you meet your deadlines and develop a good work-life balance. Whether your reading this blog and are due to begin an apprenticeship, or you are already in an apprenticeship, time management is a skill that is continuously being developed and adapts to your workload. A good tip is to speak to other apprentices about how they manage their time. This could be other apprentices in your organisation or other apprentices in the Association of Apprentices. Everyone has different structures and practices for time management, but a key theme across all should be taking time for yourself and your wellbeing. You will find lots of great resources on the Association of Apprentices website to help with this, especially during lockdown.  

7) Making the Most of Your Apprenticeship

The final tip for progressing in your apprenticeship is ensuring you get what you want out of it. Take control of your experience and make sure you get the most out of it. Your apprenticeship is a powerful opportunity for you to learn, develop and grow and will lead the way to many new opportunities. Don’t settle for a mediocre apprenticeship experience, don’t settle for satisfaction either. This document provides an overview of ways to progress in your apprenticeship, and by joining the Association of Apprentices you will receive more information, guidance, and support. We are here to empower apprentices and help them reach their full potential. 

Jasmine King, Housing Policy and Practice Degree Apprentice, Flagship Group

Level 6 Chartered Management


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