How a passion for Learning can enhance your Apprenticeship

Molly Johnstone

Learning has so many connotations that change as we grow throughout life. When in school, learning can seem like a chore, but now being thrown into an organisation like Google as an apprentice, I find that learning is all I want to do. 

Every day I am surrounded by the most inspiring, skilled and emotionally intelligent people that have a positive attitude towards life’s opportunities in a way I have never been exposed to before. I found myself curious about individuals' stories and what motivates them, always being able to take away something valuable from a conversation. When immersed in the workplace you not only learn so much about the working world but you learn even more about yourself, and how to utilise your skills to excel in the workplace. 

Working has taught me how valuable the opportunity to learn is. My advice to any apprentice would be to use your role as an apprentice, to soak up as much information whilst you can - whether that’s about your role, organisational structure, industry, or areas you like and dislike. As an apprentice there is less pressure as the experience is focused on learning, so use this to your advantage! Especially whilst in lockdown, be proactive. If you have more time available, invest it wisely, like using the chance to take some free online courses. But if you’re busier and find yourself struggling to manage your time, reflect on how you are adapting to the current situation because this is a skill that’s necessary throughout your entire career. 

Learning can be so empowering, whether this is to develop your career, or dedicating time to something you enjoy that you wouldn’t usually have time for. Personally, I have focused on refining my product knowledge within my role, but have also found my passion for painting again. Allow yourself to invest time in what makes you feel good. 

Molly Johnstone, Video and Display Sales, Google
Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprentice


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