If you’re ready for your assessment, but it can’t go ahead because of the current situation, then you’re able to take a break and your EPA will be rescheduled. Your training provider or employer will be having these conversations with the end-point assessment organisations on your behalf.
This will depend on the examining or end-point assessment organisation. They all have different remote / online examinations systems. Speak to your training provider who can advise you about your specific situation. If an exam or EPA needs to be postponed, you should continue, where possible, to discuss your progress with your employer and training provider, including discussing when you are ready to progress to EPA.
You must be employed when you take your end-point assessment, so where a break in learning has been necessary, and the planned end-date for your apprenticeship has been moved back, please speak to your employer and training provider. We’d expect them to work with you to reschedule your training which may also include reviewing your apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement.
If your end-point assessment is due in the next few weeks and you have not yet been updated by your end-point assessment organisation, please talk to your training provider to find out what’s going on. It’s important you get the most up to date information as guidance is being updated very regularly. Even if your EPA is postponed, please still attend your gateway call as your training provider can support you with your studies and completing the second part of your end-point assessment.